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Frequently asked questions

Following are brought the answers to some frequent questions:

How does the apartments's search process work on EasyDomus?

The search of the apartments is possible in many different ways, the most direct consists of selecting the voice “Search for an apartment” from the main menu.

In the search page you must fill the fields related to the city, the date of arrival, the duration of the permanence and the number of guests; subsequently, pressing the "search" button, the system will visualize a list of apartments available for the selected period and correspondents to the planned criterions.

How does the booking process work on EasyDomus?

An apartment corresponding to the criterions planned through one of the systems of search, must be selected by pressing the button “book it.” The requested personal details, must be furnished . It is extremely important that the furnished data are up to date, because the same will be used for every necessity of contact.

The details of the credit card that will be used for the debit of the amount related to the 20% of the total price of the lease, over VAT must be supplied. Following will be visualized the recapitulate related to all the furnished data, after having verified the correctness of the same, pressing the key of confirmation will be performed the booking and the relative credit card transaction.

Is it possible to use a different method from the credit card for the booking?

If for the payment of the amount of the booking you had to prefer alternative solutions to the credit card as the bank credit transfer, you will be able doing the reservation by phone.

What will I receive to confirmation of the effected booking?

Immediately after having performed the booking you will receive an email of confirmation to the specified address. In enclosure to the email you will receive two pdf documents: the invoice of the fee for the lease and the voucher of the booking. In the voucher will be contained all the data related to the booking, the nominative and the contacts of the owner or the manager of the reserved apartment.

You will receive besides a mail distinguished from our bank of support to confirmation of the transaction of the performed credit card.

How does it work for the invoices and the receipts?

In enclosure to the mail of confirmation of the booking you will receive the invoice of EasyDomus corresponding to the amount of the fee of the lease. Invoice correspondent to the lease and the possible additional expenses will have to be requested directly to the owner of the apartment or to the manager.

Do exists specific conditions for the lease of every apartment?

Every owner determines the various conditions of lease of the apartment, these conditions concern practical and economic aspects of the relationship of lease and the permanence. All these conditions, are brought in the page of the details of every apartment.

Which is the policy of EasyDomus for the cancellation of the bookings?

EasyDomus has established a penalty for the cancellation of the bookings in base to the advance of the cancellation in comparison to the foreseen date of arrival . The criterions are the followings: For the cancellations effected with an advance than at least 30 days, EasyDomus will refund the 50% of the paid amount for the booking. For the cancellations effected with an inferior advance a 30 days, the paid amount for the booking won't be refunded. To put aside from our fee, is the owner of the apartment to establish the policy of cancellation of the single apartment. These can be examined in the page of detail of every single apartment.

How does it work for the deposit?

The deposit is a quantity of money that the manager or the owner it requires to the person that rents the apartment as guarantee of the correct use and the correct maintenance of the same. The deposit will be returned to the occupants during the departure if the apartment didn't result to have been damaged.

Every owner is free to adopt a proper system for the debit and the reimbursement of the deposit to guarantee, such system is brought in the conditions of lease of every apartment.

How are the procedures of checkin and checkout developed?

For every apartment a time schedule for the checkin and one for the checkout is specified. The schedule of the checkin represents the later term which the guest can have access to the apartment the day of the arrival, the schedule of the checkout represents the term before which the apartment must be leaved the day of the departure. Such specifications are brought in the page of every apartment to the specific conditions.

Are the prices for person or for night?

Once you select the information related to the date of arrival, number of nights and to the number of people, the shown prices always represent the total amount of the permanence for all the occupants or the total price of the permanence.

For consumptions relative to electric energy, heating and conditioned air?

They are included in the price for the most greater part of the apartments. Such information can be found in the page of detail of every single apartment.

How does it work for the cleanings?

In some apartments the services of cleaning are rated separately from the amounts of lease and booking. These services exclusively concern the cleanings effected the day of the departure. Such information can be found in the page of detail of every single apartment. Some apartments foresee the possibility on application to also have a service of cleaning during the permanence, with a separate rate.
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